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Gu Senxiang did not interrupt him, and let him go. - How to define the relationship? Love? Friendship it? - Just when your life, a place close to you close, there is a person. She never one to cherish forever nobody love, will always live in a world of pain, will live forever in being excluded mocked the air. She will also be sad to see the other girls have turned to their parents love and care when being her boyfriend. She will also be cursing his mother, "how do you not die" when hope I never been to this world. She also wanted to wear nice clothes, have a lot of friends concerned, there is a good guy to crush. She also wants to be in the middle of the night when his mother into a bowl of hot soup for their own ends rather than headlong into school every day cooking in the kitchen. She also wanted to do was holding in her hand a flower, can not be deemed to trample dust. - When such a person has been living in a place close to you close, and when such a person in your life is as a mirror and live life to the full phase inverse cheap jerseys for sale become contrast, she more quietly to endure all of this, you can not withdraw the more things outside. - You will not help but want to help her wipe the tears, will want to buy all sorts of gifts into her arms, you'll feel the same heartache she was beaten to cry, you also she will not hesitate to get help when you, because you want to see her happy smile, even a happy smile. Or do not have the luxury smile, raised his hand and wiped away tears as long as you can, stop crying, too. - You see, she was a child her mother would not let her shut out for dinner, you want to quietly take her home and let her eat something together yourself, but your mother has angrily ask her out house. You secretly handed out from the window of a bun, and then saw her smile through tears, took a bite of bread happily together, but only bite, her mother rushed out of the house lift handle that knocked to the ground and even bread the rejection of her two ears, you see her looking at the ground hard bread ineffectively Pakistan did not cry out sound, but his eyes filled with heavy tears. - You have seen her crying suddenly rushed out to escape from the house, because too young but stumbled and fell to the ground, around the alley where cheap jerseys for sale china the women did not go to pull her up, but she's surrounded by exposed gloat sneer eyes, and then she stood up, there being chased out of the Lin Huafeng Chezhu hair pulled back and then dumped two ears. - Smaller when you see her one day carrying boxes leave the alley chasing father has been tracked door, her father pushed her to open and close the car door without looking away. She sat crying to the dark side of the road. Her home after dark, the door shut, his mother would not let her door, she banged the door cried and begged her mother to let her go, do not have to leave her. - Growing up she learned hesitate to love, but it did not meet good people. With her ​​children went to the man when they saw the man and another woman in the room like a loving husband and courteous. - You grew up together with her, the way you looked at her in the cracks in struggling to survive. - You can not wait to pull out all of her own, handed him, threw her, even if she does not want to have to give her. - So she is like living in quicksand black vortex, everything around splashed being sucked into the cave. She was stuck in this vortex. Extended a hand to pull her, only sink along with it. And if you let go, then he will stand very stable. Is such a feeling. - Is this standing vortex edge, seeing her day by day to be absorbed into the feeling. - Even when one day, she has been completely swallowed by the black vortex, together with her ​​own, has become a huge black cheap jerseys for sale us vortex that time. - I really want to escape far. Scroll to escape from cheap jerseys for sale from china this piece of desert sand of the ruthless. Gu Senxiang before looking Qiming stop whining choked heart like being forced to catch wrinkled. She held out her hand and touched Qiming clean and exudes the smell of shampoo hair. A tear fell on his back playing. - Do not you feel, in fact, I tell you, also can not wait to pull out all his going to give you, superimpose you and threw you, even if you do not want to have to give you? Qiming raised his head and rubbed his eyes already red in a circle, put a stop vibrating pocket pick up the phone just to say "hello", the whole face is pale a moment.