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I can say very solemn, before college I never escaped a lesson, or even simply do not mind skipping this concept. The class time will obediently on the ground, when not in class to take on a good university will make reading the title. College, sitting in a classroom listening very carefully to wholesale wholesale soccer jerseys usa soccer jerseys uk those who look different old professor wholesale soccer jerseys McCain brighter future, but found incomprehensible, very accustomed to this system does not focus on teaching methods. See their own textbooks, and textbooks are found boring. The original college to learn something is very boring. Then I was very sad to come to such a paradoxical conclusion. Skipping was my first mistake committed inadvertently, the second truancy be intentional wrong, they do not think the third truancy wrong. "Skipping like a habitual masturbation, knowing that too often will hurt the body, but you still can not resist the thrill of the moment." Because of that no class Thursday morning, I went to another school to find my high school classmates to play. Playing to one forty, I think there are lessons in the afternoon. Back to school is certainly too late, so I called into the bedroom and said, in the afternoon to help me please false ah, say I'm sick. So uneasy and play an afternoon, that afternoon I had been worried that the teacher will not like the next day came and asked me what the disease was, ah, or should I take the photos to prove to the hospital in high school like? Returned to the bedroom when they would have the class was over. I entered the bedroom and asked, help me to leave it? What the teacher said? Zheng instantaneous speech, I did not help wholesale soccer jerseys toronto you leave, because you certainly do not know the teacher did not come, so many classes, which she remembers so much ah. I did not speak, and nervous. There is no teacher until the next day to find me, I uneventful, just calm down. I remember when we also have to be a fool. Later truancy, the first thing people see the bedroom is no longer a "help me leave it? What the teacher said?" But "named yet? Did not point? Haha, good!" Or "named yet? Anything, point? me how so unlucky, you help me answer 'to' no? " Skipping it, fled to finally become a habit, the habit of not going to class. There are a thousand reasons not to attend class, the teacher speaks well, I did not sleep enough sleep, did not wash my clothes, etc., etc., whenever you want to worry about skipping find a excuse to convince yourself. Wait until the first semester final exams, skipping the entire bedroom spared I actually had the most first-class scholarship. This greatly encouraged the morale skipping in my case, has become a standard of living requires the university. I was so bored and ignorant doing such a thing, I want at least through the lesson, the highest test points to prove to them - I was so smart, so little to satisfy their sense of vanity. Ignorance of vanity. There is a preparatory work to do, that is, the relationship must first find a better spot to help students answer the sound "to", and unfortunately named words before skipping. Chapter 8 breeding like love This topic made ​​very unsightly. But this is the first year when I came to the school, college students looking for a boyfriend mad rush to look for a girlfriend of view. Such a large scale can not wait to fall in love, like estrus animal breeding. Girls freshman hurry to find a boyfriend just because you want to taste the fresh liberation; hurry to find a boyfriend because when sophomore girls finally found what college life is emptiness and boredom; junior year is often a hurry to find a boyfriend in the competition, because the girls seem to have a boyfriend around; while senior hurry to find a boyfriend is often looking for a long-term meal ticket or a springboard. Of course, this mentality can not cover all of the girls, so you either deserted this mentality is also worthwhile.