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Leaves from when I first met her, she tie the two braids, face very dark. She is the only one bedroom MM from the countryside. I still need to explain again from another angle about my looks. This is a problem because the appearance to some extent will affect the girls dormitory relationships. Classification by appearance, about me and Luo Yilin belong to the same level. Need only to introduce these circumstances Again, we do not drooling. When the first day of duty, there have been a little surprised. Luo Yilin was moved to the penultimate. Time frame of the bed capped three pairs respectively Chapter Tobacco and Zheng Yan instantaneous, leaves from the occupation. Luo Yi-lin entered the bedroom to see the leaves from the beds do not paved, just put a box to show the occupation, apart from anything else the leaves from the box to put down, and then quickly climbed the instigation of her wholesale soccer jerseys from thailand mother to help her put all the bedding shop Okay. Zhang Han Yan quietly said something, which seems to have someone of the bed. Luo Yi-Lin and Luo mother pretended to hear nothing. At that time I looked at the good Luo Yilin, pale skin, thick eyebrows, her eyebrows look like tall repair was not fuel-efficient lights on. Not my thing. I remained silent. Leaves from the back bedroom, lying stunned to see the rest spread Luo Yilin and lying on the ground the rest of his luggage. Luo Yilin immediately got up and said: "I ​​am sorry your box ah, ah, I have laid the bed, you see this in exchange for going very troublesome ......?" Leaves from nothing. Luo Yilin quickly handed over two bottles of drinks, but also leaves to spend time with help from the bed. It's something so subsided. Luo Yilin action agile, quick thinking, eloquence and good. Rare talent ah. wholesale soccer jerseys The first day I would see this light, very fuel-efficient. Chapter 5 on military training Even schools do not get a clear idea of the truck, the military began a miserable life. Military painful to me than the entrance. I can accept that mental torture, I can not endure the pain of the body. Because my heart is strong, my body is weak. I also do not know what the significance of military training. I do not believe that practice can cultivate a tough month qualities and military temperament. What if I was the representative, I will represent the majority of students submit cancel military applications. What am I stands for? Is not. So music.brothers, you have to continue to endure the torment of military training, but here I can tell you the secret military lazy one hundred twenty-three. Said long ago that I am not a good student, if you want to comment on what kind of military model, following this you can not jump over looked. If you, like me, was a mediocre student, I was able to teach you some of the more useful the TIP. (1) the opening of proof that you have dermatitis and the like can not be basking disease. Scope, the family doctor or a doctor's acquaintances there. (2) when the military to find ways to break the red ink is applied to the nose, attention must be painted well, such as nosebleeds look. Three times, and then tell you the fire was too busy instructor, the sun on the nose, can not be the sun. So you can for 10 minutes after each training instructors tell you right away to nosebleeds, request the rest. Instructors certainly allowed. Because these days children are very Jingui, military training any death is not fun. Scope, hands and feet flexible person, acting to achieve a certain level of people. (3) If you have enough pull, you can try to cut class from the military on the taste. Rest assured, all right, then up to next year's military or no military training credits. Try range, pull people not to do the best students for the goals. These three methods I have used. So I just went to the military throughout the first three days. The first three days of training with a second method for three hours. Next, the method of three-four days, was not allowed to go counselors explicitly prohibit military post, the family began to complain, the use of a method. The results prove that the house on the open to write a rest four days only. Give me gas. Doctors are both calligrapher identity, good cursive. I spent a night time, spent half of the practice, and finally put the doctor's handwriting Miao Wei Xiao-dimensional imitation, so pick up a pen to prove the following added: invisible sun, it is recommended only for indoor activities within a month . That day, I found another bright spot himself, calligraphy talent. I am the person better at fantasy evening I had a big dream Spring, if I become famous calligrapher in the North * I would like to grumble in the Gala Li are big questions over the word. That dream I woke up laughing with delight. 're Done. I succeeded in winning the school's first battle since. Another wholesale soccer jerseys melbourne point about the military memories, when rumors of military training in which several girls and girls in which several officers ambiguous. wholesale soccer jerseys los angeles For example, instructors will take care of them very, ah, for example, always rubs up against the rest of the time they go around talking ah. Please start abstinence from military training, instructors engage with the scandal will make you can not get rid of the shadow at the university for four years. And everyone will be very keen to spread and adaptation of this scandal, the adaptation process, extensive use of symbolic imagination exaggerated rhetorical devices such as metaphor, in the end you may just more with the instructor as a few photos, parting cry like that going on than others can be adapted after story after you've been with the instructor might have to go to the plot. Freshman, can finally talk openly love a man in love once, do not like the hair spring-like, the boys have not gone out with a fight, could not wait to find an emotional sustenance objects falling in love with what instructors. There are a lot of men lined up behind it, to look at a few back and forth to say. So do not mix in the military training and instructors. When will arouse the attention of military training are some of the girls are very lively girl. If you want to enter the career, military training is a good opportunity to express positive points, courage zoom point, multi-point, then, the standard point of action, singing louder, teacher and counselor within sight of it, if you do not engage in any democratic election, then they usually specify those active people do classes dry.