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Why he does not like me. Here account seems too early. But I miss some people see here will certainly make such speculations, I, easy meal cold overgrown sorry. So, I have to look on the statement, I would certainly not ugly, take the honor. Said I was too beautiful not have to become a street rat. Now he and I are not together, I made a reasonable explanation - high school, love is a luxury few people can afford to have. College, love is everyday, not very shabby. You see, I was looking for an excuse, in order that he does wholesale soccer jerseys free shipping not love me. He does not love me, not because I'm not good enough, but because the high school did not cost us the courage to have this luxury. Chapter 4 of the six girls This university life, from the day I signed up talking about it. Very long, but the back story is very exciting. Registration the day, the school people everywhere. Application fee at the gym when I thought, if this time it was a robbery or a mixed motivated the thief, and that they made​​. I thought the angle was really strange. School is very beautiful, it has been my pride aspect. I like the university or one after another, very impressive, or very old school buildings. It makes me feel very intuitive various universities and secondary schools, it is intuitively felt the high school teachers often say to us that sentence, "university have a broader sky." Indeed there is a broader sky, just building area than most of the high school. Patchwork of many school buildings are newly built, green glass neatly mounted on a white wall, I like simple and neat style. Some school buildings north has been very old, red brick table tile, wood stairs, and walking on it will gently swinging. Fenxie gently cover gray on top, I do not know how many years the passage of time, I do not know how many grains of dust in cracks in brick silence, then another dust blindfolded. These old buildings so I like this school a little more. In school and turn to pay, buy lunch cards, looking for quarters, East West looked look, strange, Grand View Garden. There are six people assigned to a dorm. Six people, four years, you can put on a lot of screen tragicomedy. First introduce our bedroom six bars. College students are foreign. Specialty is Spanish. I, easy meal cold. Do not like to talk, not many introduced himself. Interested slowly and see. What is not good is not a bad person. Later, a teacher at the university, said the formation of the root causes of the tragic character of that person is not a good person is not a bad person, not good non-evil. I heard this phrase in a nap woke up the gap where the teacher admiration body cast. wholesale soccer jerseys She later decided to worship as a teacher, to learn. Which materials that lesson wholesale soccer jerseys for sale after the next, she said, this semester on here, we have to plan the next class syllabus. Zhang Han Yan, became apparent, facial features at the touch of charm, quite a bit Lin taste. Invincible romantic, super petty, can Rinpu cry for months poems, an otherworldly flavor. Dad is a big rich man. Registration the day of her father's BMW is very loud. Bedroom richest MM. Zheng instantaneous words and learn the most serious girl. University of the few such people need to stimulate the enthusiasm of the vast majority of people learn. Because it wholesale soccer jerseys from china is mostly for college students, studying at the university has become a power surplus and lack of heart thing. Quiet man, who is not bad. Maximum promising MM. Her hard work reminds me of my high school days. Freshman I worked hard several times staring at her figure trance. Once she finally asked me if I was frightened for her what "ideas", why look so affectionate. Luo Yilin, our bedroom and later only politicians personnel. School student body president, served as squad leader, group secretary, heads of associations, Chairman of the Association. If the title has weight, excessive weight on her, and that we do not hear every day, she said his body so well and cried to lose weight. This girl said she was too lazy ...... anything. But to be honest, the first day I saw her, I think she did quite a bit pretty. Su Xiao, super beautiful one. Su Xiao seen before, I think Luo Yilin very pretty. Su Xiao luggage into the bedroom after I immediately changed his original judgment. Luo Yilin but it is sort of pretty. So has every reason to go against Luo Yilin Su Su Xiao Xiao attacks. Su Xiao extremely good shape, 18-year-old girl to have such a body really let these children catch up, starting with how to say sorry, then squeezed familiar with it from time to time in certain parts of her body, exclaimed: It is a long way ah ye ? Your mother is how students ah? Such a good figure! Slim but not frail, plump but not more than any piece of meat. Even worse, her face, healthy complexion uniform, his eyes small, but it is just resting on her face. Five lawsuits refined, impeccable. First saw her, I could not help but looked a genuine beauty ah! Sincerely say that Sue Shaw is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen from small to large. Young men always wishful thinking that it is always beautiful beauty that is beautiful, beautiful soul, beautiful body, beautiful face. So I told the young college men, who the United States can afford not what you want, is a price to pay for all of America, especially money. I'm used to a nearby man referred to as a man. Because, says men who can be summed up more common. In this novel, I will tell a lot of young men looking for girls should be noted that, bit by bit on campus. I believe my ability peeping. But after that night, Xiao Su makeup, I put her score minus 10 points. Into the school to work on this makeup, letting us catch these kids up. However, if not applied Prostitute, I've seen pretty girls in Su Xiao still among the best.