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Su Xiao and Luo Yilin represent the two cases cited above me. Su Xiao itself looks very outstanding, her girls pile into a station, the men want to pay attention to her, basically, it is difficult. My second time to participate in military training, rest, sitting beside me on the chapter Tobacco and motioned for me to see with his eyes Su Xiao. Although there are a green dress, but I still find Su Xiao quickly, it can be said that even the kind of hypertrophy wearing military uniforms, it is difficult to hide her remains charming. She and an instructor to speak there, burning sun shone on her face, and that instructors back to us, Sue Shaw eyes very bright light, smiling down at the instructor. She has been laughing and saying what instructors there. Many girls are looked over there. Once, twice, like a lot of times this. It seems that this girl four years, is estimated to be eager for the Lord. Later, I did not participate in military training. Sometimes people come back early the bedroom, sitting on clouds, said seven eight said Su Xiao said. Having said Su Xiao Luo Yilin. Su Xiao said coquettish look like, all day flirting with a few instructors. Luo Yilin courage to say how big, how like to express themselves, how like the initiative to find instructors and instructors engaged in small talk. Foreign Language Institute that members about the story between students and instructors, and on the starring Su Xiao Luo Yilin two people. I testify, they both play more just and instructors face to face several times to say a few words. However, after two years on campus folk do not know how to adapt the story. Chapter 6 is different After the military, everyone's nature is basically slowly exposed. Zhang Han Yan entirely pair ladylike wholesale soccer jerseys thailand look, very charming demeanor, dinner always put a glass of water and a large sheet of paper napkins will move the spoon; during certain time with her little brown coffee cup, drink some juice exposure with the big glass. She does not talk with people, and I say relatively the most, because she said I gave her feel like she's a high school friend, now in Canada. I told her no ill, but there is a sense of distance. The bedroom is the most Nengkan Luo Yilin, less than a month, we have mastered her from small to large growth wholesale soccer jerseys mexico process, where the reading of the book, which had been the official, the number of awards won, how many boys like her, etc. and so on and so on. I am more tired of this noisy woman, at the beginning there is nothing for her favor. Person, then it is easy to appear to be no more than one meaning. Because I feel ignorant enough, so I like to close my mouth. One of the great ancient Greek philosopher tells wholesale soccer jerseys replica us, "but do not know their own ignorance double ignorance." This sentence I learned very deep. And our beautiful classmate Xiao Su as a beauty, and beauty is to have shelves look beautiful. For example, answer the phone, the sound you want to deliberately put whine point tail to prolong the point, if the other party has deliberately intended to put substandard her long silence. For her beauty, ten at night to go wholesale soccer jerseys to bed every day, and also allowed others to speak. Some students bought a new dress, they came over excited interrogations endlessly, where to buy ah, how much money you. For beauty and dress she showed a surprising positive, I understand beauty is very hard, because to do this thing of beauty, but also behind. For a long time have to make themselves beautiful dress Beauty for the state to maintain a high degree of concern, we can not relax in the slightest. Leaves from the diaphragm Obviously there with us. Even less than me, everywhere is like humility, sweeping every day in the bedroom, as long as the ground of a dirty, she immediately went to sweep. In addition to doing most things is reading, and more terrible is to see that our materials. Yan Zheng instantaneous done most things also reading books, watching "human weakness" see "Tropic of Cancer" to see the original English novels. I flipped through the books, she had a strong impression. Unconsciously, and she said most of the words, the meaning seems to please. I, easy meal cold, silent girl, no hobbies, observing all the changes around every day, when the wind is cold, and when the leaves yellow, how we grew up. Appearance of silence, inner wild. Maybe, four years I have been a depressed student, I spy on other people hiding in the shadows of college life. I am not willing, I feel like a genius as smart as I am depressed, I was so proud. I can not find opponents. After military training is over, the class. Timetable situation got down, we gave bad music. Up to six hours a day on the festival lesson. Moreover, no study up! No study up! What exciting news ah! The first class, six people for a long time to find the teaching building, Building 7 was not even know where. Finally touched the classroom late. Who are to discuss the push to the front to shout "Report" we'll go in together, the old professor saw us, beckoned us in, go in from the back door. Since then know that the university is not late for class shouting "Report", to find a back door, quietly slipped got to go. The same day, the teacher showed up, so we introduce yourself. The so-called university teacher, is in addition to the school a few days reveal a face, the other when they are dragon head, not the tail of that person. This class boys took turns to female ratio is 1:10. Six of us sat in the following lessons, the boys in this class one comment a lot. Finally, to conclude that we must attract foreign investment, take the long view point. 18-year-old woman, for male beauty is no resistance. Therefore, in this class we can learn meditation, there is no impact on our boys. After we returned to the bedroom after a lot of efforts and seek the views of many discussions in the other bedroom, so reluctantly elected to do the facade of a class of grass, and presented him with an ad saying, Panasonic, posted on the Internet nobody guessed, here I will be wicked, write well, "low in the crowd." Seven words, phrases prejudiced structure. Chapter 7 for the first time truancy