California Sex Education

CaliforniaDuring the Bush administration over $1 billion in federal funds was pumped into programs to provide abstinence-only education. While California is the only state to have never accepted one stream of federal funds (Title V), another funding stream (Community-Based Abstinence Education) provided grants directly to community-based organizations, in California as well as other states.

This flood of funding for abstinence-only education has significantly affected sex education in California. Despite the state's strong 2003 law requiring comprehensive sex education, many California schools teach abstinence-only education today. For example, in Sonoma County, Free To Be, an agency receiving federal abstinence funds, was teaching in as many as 41 schools across the county until this school year, when BACHE and the ACLU began working collaboratively to remove Free To Be from the schools.

Research has shown that comprehensive sex education is effective, and it is overwhelmingly supported by California parents--89% across all demographic groups, according to research by the Public Health Institute. But parents often have no idea that their children are not receiving the comprehensive sex education that they support and that the law requires.

For California Guidelines on providing Comprehensive Sex Education please click on the following California Department of Education link:

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